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Synthetic resin tile product advantages

by:Redwave     2022-11-13

1. Strong weather resistance, durable color

2. The sound insulation effect is good. The phoneme measurement test shows that when it is affected by external noise such as rainstorms, hail, and strong wind, Shuangjie synthetic resin tile can absorb noise well and reduce the transmission of noise, so as to avoid the disturbance of noise.

3. Good thermal insulation effect

4. Low temperature resistance and impact resistance

5. Excellent corrosion resistance

6. Excellent self-waterproof performance

7. Volume stability

9. Insulation: Synthetic resin tile is an insulating material, and it will be intact in case of accidental discharge

10. Synthetic resin tile is a lightweight structural material, and its weight (is 6.0±0.2) kg/m2, which effectively reduces the load of the building and improves safety, which is very suitable for the renovation of old buildings. At the same time, it is convenient for handling and construction, saving freight and reducing construction costs

11. Self-cleaning performance Shuangjie synthetic resin tile itself is smooth and dense, and it is not easy to absorb dust. Once washed by rain, it will be as clean as new, and there will be no fouling phenomenon.

12. Easy to install Shuangjie synthetic resin tile sheet has a large area, high paving efficiency, lightweight, easy lifting and unloading, simple process, complete supporting products, quick installation, labor saving and time-saving

13. Go Green

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