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Synthetic resin tiles, landscape lines on the roof!

by:Redwave     2022-09-04

Today, our country is divided into a new period of rapid economic development, new rural construction, and urbanization. With the continuous advancement of industrialization, there are certain requirements for the living environment. Green environmental protection has become something that people will mention when they open their mouths. In the development of the 'roof economy', green roof tiles are helping the development of various fields. Committed to the development of a green economic system.

In some rural areas with relatively backward economies, most of them use traditionally fired clay tiles. These materials are relatively heavy, and long-term use will cause the roof to be distorted and deformed. Water leakage is inevitable, and maintenance is also a big problem. There are often safety accidents during the maintenance process. There are also some places where color steel tiles are used, not to mention color steel tiles. The noise is particularly loud. When it rains, it will greatly affect people's sleep. After a long time, There will also be some problems of rust and fading due to the erosion of rainwater, which is definitely not up to the standard for changing the appearance of the countryside. Having said that, the editor will give you a new type of roofing building material from Amway - synthetic resin tile.

Synthetic resin tiles are economical. beautiful. Practical and these requirements can be achieved. As a new type of roofing building material, it has the advantages of a lightweight, weight resistant, waterproof, insulation, self-cleaning, long service life, etc. It is the best choice for building roofs in the process of contemporary economic development. choose.

Synthetic resin tile is also called an antique tile because its shape is close to the shape of ancient buildings, which is more in line with Chinese people's aesthetics of classical beauty and has an antique flavor. The synthetic resin tile is made of AS high weather-resistant engineering resin, which is fireproof and insulated. The bottom layer is made of high-strength wear-resistant resin, which can resist the corrosion of acid and alkali salts, has strong impact resistance, and is not easy to break. The scope of synthetic resin tiles is very extensive. Now the flat-to-slope project, the real estate industry, self-built villas, public facilities, antique buildings and other roofing fields that are vigorously promoted in China have applied villa buildings, white walls, and gray tiles, which are like a beautiful landscape. Synthetic resin The tile is green and environmentally friendly, with a beautiful appearance and unique style.

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