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tesla begins taking orders for its solar energy roof tile …

by:Redwave     2020-02-22
Tesla is now accepting a deposit for the new solar roof system to provide an \"unlimited\" warranty for tiles that integrate solar energy into the roof cover.
The company says the installation will begin on June.
Similar to ordinary roof tiles, solar tiles will be available in a variety of styles, from slabs and Terracotta Warriors to a smooth or textured dark gray.
On its website, Tesla is charging a $1,000 deposit for work that includes dismantling the existing roof of the house, installing solar tiles, and equipping the home with batteries to store electricity.
Potential customers can use the company\'s online tools to estimate the cost and savings of solar roofs based on the square feet of the roof.
According to energy costs and other factors, the results of Google\'s Project skylight are different.
The Solar is made of quartz glass.
But not all the tiles on the House with the system will actively collect the energy of the sun.
Tesla plans to mix solar and non-solar tiles.
The company says the two look exactly the same from the street. For a two-
Story house in Raleigh, NYC.
2,467 square feet
The median size of a new single
Family homes in the United StatesS.
According to recent data from the Census Bureau
According to Tesla\'s online tools, the upfront cost of replacing the roof with a solar tile system is as high as $46,400.
The federal tax credit has fallen by nearly $14,000, but Tesla\'s Powerwall battery has increased by $7,000.
With an estimated 60% solar coverage on the roof, the system will generate $38,100 worth of energy over 30 years, making the owner\'s net cost $1,400.
Depending on the local energy market, it is profitable to build similar homes in other regions.
Tesla says the \"unlimited\" warranty covers the glass in the tile.
Company offers 30-
Annual warranty on other aspects of the system, such as the power output of the wave and the ability of the system to prevent leakage.
The price per square foot varies depending on the proportion of solar and non-solar tiles.
Tesla says active tiles cost $42 per square foot, while inert tiles cost about $11 per square foot.
The active tile has three main layers and a solar cell under the color blinds film covered by tempered glass.
According to Bloomberg, the cost of installing standard solar panels may be about 30% lower than the Tesla system.
But the news media also said Tesla would bring its beautiful tiles to the market at a price much lower than previously expected.
Tesla said its SolarCity subsidiary will start installing its first system in California in June and will then expand to other regions.
2017, solar tiles will only be installed in the United States. S.
Said the company.
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