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tesla has a patent for camouflaged solar roof tiles so they\'re not \'eye-sores\'

by:Redwave     2020-03-10
The connection between electric car companies and installing solar panels on your house is not as strong as the bond between Tesla and SolarCity.
SolarCity was originally launched by Tesla CEO Elon Musk\'s cousins and was officially acquired by Tesla for $2.
6 billion in 2016, the SolarCity brand has since been replaced by Tesla\'s \"solar roof.
\"One of the benefits of Tesla solar tiles is that they look like normal roof panels.
Gain power-
Tesla had to work hard on the design to produce tiles with texture, smoothness, Tuscany or slate, just like the \"dumb\" tiles they replaced.
Engineering work led to the United StatesS.
Patent application No. 15/796683 (
Patent: us2080122973)
Submitted on October 27, 2017.
How Tesla describes the reason for this patent: the patent application says solar roof tiles can work without looking like solar panels.
One way is that the solar cell itself can \"fit into the surrounding environment\" or the silicon wafer can be blocked from the field of view.
Then, \"another way to blur the battery in a solar tile is to match the back panel color with a photovoltaic silicon wafer and/or create a textured back panel, according to certain implementation examples disclosed in this book.
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