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tesla solar roof tiles, iphone — macbook converter: best ...

by:Redwave     2020-03-15
Back to the future, baby!
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You \'ve been dreaming of tying your shoes to a TV that seamlessly fits into the room since 1985, and when it comes to the gadgets we want, March has delivered the goods, we don\'t even realize what we need.
In the suburbs of Australia, roof-mounted solar panels have become a common sight.
However, for those who are a little late, you may have just won.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter that the company will start accepting orders for solar roof tiles in April. The best part?
Musk had previously said it would be cheaper to install a solar roof than a normal one, before considering the value of electricity.
Apple has filed a patent for accessories that turn an iPhone or iPad into a MacBook.
The MacBook shell is still in its early stages, it\'s an accessory, and the iPhone you can take out and carry with you in your pocket is a processor and portable computing device.
These photos do a better job than I did in detailing this new technology, so look at them yourself.
Haven\'t you heard of the Basel world?
This is a year to learn about Switzerland-
Best event in Basel based on watch technology and watch design.
Whether your watch is simply stylish tea or something simple and quirky, your dream watch is definitely at Baselworld 2017.
Don\'t believe us?
View all photos of gq. com. au.
I don\'t like cars so I can sit or leave delonen but myself
From back to the future, the laces I have been waiting for are becoming a reality.
HyperAdapt 1 for Nike.
Sports shoes took 13 years to create, now consumers can buy.
As the project continues for more than ten years, the budget is unlimited, these self-
Lace-up sneakers cost $950 a pair.
Still cheaper than DeLorean.
Did you walk into a very beautiful house and notice that the TV was gone?
Well, that\'s because TVs are considered very eye-catching appliances, and while they get thinner and thinner every year, interior designers around the world are still waiting for the perfect way to hide them.
Enter Samsung\'s \"frame\" TV.
Not only is this TV too thin and is being forgotten, it also becomes a gorgeous piece of art that makes unnecessary partitions and complex contractions into the past.
Sydneysider Allen Liao once made a mistake, putting a friend\'s very expensive glasses in the wrong place, and this mistake will continue to change his life.
After dropping out of his degree in electrical engineering and economics, 23-year-
The old man returned to his parents\' basement and began his own start --up company.
His idea, of course, is that you can\'t lose your glasses, not only does he have them --
There are fewer interested friends.
Now, Tzukuri glasses with an impressive list of investors, including former Apple heavyweights, and the accompanying app will take off, and Jon Rubinstein is not the only one to think so
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