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tesla to start selling its \'invisible\' solar roof tiles and powerwall batteries at 800 home depot locations in the u.s.

by:Redwave     2020-02-22
Future solar roof tiles for Elon Musk and-
Home energy storage devices are about to become mainstream.
Or, at least, Tesla hopes to open a shop through 800 Depot stores across the United States. S. The Tesla-
Starting at some point in the first half of this year, the brand Pavilion will sell the company\'s solar roof tiles and power wall batteries at a specific location in Home Depot.
Bloomberg quoted sources familiar with the situation as saying that the company is also discussing selling products there with home improvement store Lowe\'s.
Home Depot has established partnerships with alternative energy company Solar City, which Tesla acquired in 2016, which was later phased out.
Now, Tesla will have displays 12 feet high and 7 feet wide to promote these products and, in some cases, show how they work.
It is not clear whether Tesla will eventually add kiosks to all stores in Home Depot\'s 2,200 stores.
According to USA Today, the location of Home Depot in Southern California already has kiosks, while shops in Las Vegas and Orlando are expected to open next week.
The move could be part of a broader effort by Tesla to attract mainstream consumers.
Tesla\'s solar system costs between $10,000 and $25,000, and the battery price is around $7,000.
The company has shown its $110 solar panelsS.
USA Today pointed out that stores.
Tesla began charging $1,000 for roof tiles in May 2017.
However, it will take some time for the solar FRP roof tile Manufacturer to land, and so far it has only been installed in the homes of Tesla employees.
Musk recently launched Powerwall 2, a home battery unit that can store 14 KW hours with the help of solar roof panels developed with SolarCity.
Musk said Powerwall 2 has enough power to charge the lights, sockets and refrigerators for a standard 4 bedroom home all day long.
Powerwall 2 is an improvement to the original Powerwall, which has only about half its storage capacity as a new generation.
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