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tesla turns to solar roof tiles

by:Redwave     2020-02-25
Tesla, an American electric vehicle maker, began selling solar roof tiles because the company was \"looking to the future \".
The company said the installation of home glass tiles in the United States will begin in California next month and will become international next year.
Glass tiles are now available online, and before Tesla merged with solar panel maker SolarCity Corp. , Tesla released glass tiles last year.
They are designed to look like traditional roofs, copying slabs or clay tiles.
Solar tiles contain photovoltaic cells that are invisible from the street.
The roof guarantees the life of a family than 20-
A typical non-
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said solar roof.
He expected early
But slowly.
\"It will be very difficult, it will take a long time, there will be some mistakes along the way.
But this is the only sensible vision for the future . \"
Palo Alto, CaliforniaTesla based
Solar tiles are being produced at the California factory before production moves to New York.
Tesla shares rose from $321. 26 to $325. 22.
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