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tesla unveils new solar roof tiles

by:Redwave     2020-03-16
Tesla announced a new solar roof tile on Sunday, but did not make a big splash.
Unlike the solar roof tiles released in October, the new solar roof tiles will fit your existing roof.
\"Our solar energy panels are mixed with integrated front skirts and invisible mounting hardware on your roof.
\"The result is a clean, streamlined look,\" the company said on its website . \".
Read: Tesla is starting to accept Solar roof tile orders from Asil The New solar is based on the system developed by Zep Solar, which is SolarCity before Tesla acquired latterwasacquired
It is reported that the system can be installed faster, reduce costs, and make solar panels look smoother. Zep Solar’s co-
Founder Daniel Flangan is now senior director of product design for Tesla solar systems.
Tesla says Panasonic-
Make the design of the roof wave \"stylish and low-key\"profile.
\"The new design will also help the company expand the market for solar roof panels --
Previously homeowners had to tear their existing roof to install solar roof tiles, which was both expensive and inconvenient, but now they can install the tiles on the existing roof with minimal adjustments, according to the company
Read: Tesla Solar ililedtesla told Electrekon on Sunday that the production of the new panels will start at the company\'s Gigafactory 2 by summer, which will be used for the company to move forward.
While the company has not revealed much detail on its website about the interior part of the new solar FRP roof tile Manufacturer, the new module will reach 325-according to Electrek-watt panels.
Tesla claims on its website that these panels will \"exceed industry standards\" in terms of durability and service life \".
This means that their modules are at least 21 efficient.
76% and at least 25-
Similar to other solar panels from Panasonic, one-year output warranty.
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