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The benefits of using synthetic resin tiles on the roof

by:Redwave     2022-12-31

Resin tiles are made of ASA weather-resistant engineering resin and PVC wear-resistant resin. Now synthetic resin tiles are used in rural house construction. However, due to the low threshold of resin tiles, many recycled materials, and poor-quality resin tiles are seriously faded and aging. Therefore, when we buy resin tiles, we must pay more attention. So what are the benefits of using resin tiles on the roof?

1. Overall performance. Resin tile has the characteristics of stable color, rich color, strong sound insulation, fire resistance and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, its installation is convenient and quick. Because the effective width of the synthetic resin tile is basically 800 mm or 960 mm, the efficiency of its tiling is still very high.

2. Green and environmental protection. Originally, for traditional tiles, there is no need to mention any environmental protection, because they have been very environmentally friendly for thousands of years. But for modern building materials, green and environmentally friendly building materials are getting smaller and smaller, and synthetic resin tiles do not contain asbestos and radioactive elements, etc., and can be recycled, so it is still a kind that meets the requirements of green environmental protection. watt.

3. Compression and impact resistance. According to some tests, resin tiles can be dropped freely from a height of 3 meters by a steel ball weighing 1 kg without cracks, which is more reassuring for us to use.

4. Thermal insulation performance. The thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tiles is about 1/5 of that of cement tiles. Therefore, from the perspective of thermal insulation, resin tiles are relatively better than cement tiles.

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