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The combination of resin tiles and various architectural styles

by:Redwave     2022-11-25

Different architectural styles make it difficult to choose roof tiles. Choose synthetic resin tiles with rich colors and a strong three-dimensional sense, which can be matched with various architectural styles. Let's see how resin tiles work with various architectural styles:

1. Set up the community wind

With the development of my country's national education poverty alleviation and management work, many people in poor rural areas have responded to the call of the Chinese government and moved into the newly built resettlement community. It brings a feeling of cleanliness, tidiness, and brightness as ever. Blue sky and white clouds, rows of residential buildings, neatly arranged, synthetic resin tile roofs are bright and beautiful, everything is so beautiful! 

2. Pastoral scenery

Synthetic resin tile, although a modern new type of tile, is also rustic. The roof tiles were supposed to be new and were supposed to be more modern, but when the synthetic resin tiles meet the yard, you realize you've got the wrong idea. Antique, elegant and elegant, a mountain helps water, and the playful Foshan resin tile can be so elegant.

3. Luxury villa style

With the development of the economy, people's income keeps increasing. When the economy allows, many people even start to buy villas and enjoy luxury. No, with the increase in demand, villas of various styles have gradually increased in recent years, and synthetic resin tiles still vividly interpret this luxury.

4. Ethnic style of minority countries

The comparative study of buildings in minority development areas has different local Chinese characteristics, and they can often be integrated with local culture and living customs. Therefore, their buildings are also more particular about the selection of materials. General building materials companies are often compared with buildings with strong ethnic meanings. does not match. Even so, synthetic resin tiles can still gain the eyes of minority residents. For example, in Tibet, due to the complex climate, resources, environment and economic conditions in our country, there are many people who use synthetic resin tiles.

With the acceleration of urbanization, Chinese architectural styles are developing in a diversified direction. Various resettlement residential areas, rural farmhouses, private villas, antique buildings, ethnic houses, etc., with various architectural styles, the selection of synthetic resin tiles can easily control various architectural styles!

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