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The function of drip eaves for synthetic resin tile accessories

by:Redwave     2022-11-10

The dripping eaves are the edge of all houses, the eyelashes of the house. Since ancient Chinese feng shui, if a house lacks eaves, there is a saying about remarriage.

There are three functions of eaves drip eaves:

1. Prevent rainwater intrusion

Just as the eyebrows on the face can prevent the water from flowing into the eyes, it can avoid the direct intrusion of rainwater. In particular, some windows are opened very largely, and the drip eaves are even more important.

2. Prevent strong direct sunlight in summer

Direct sunlight in the summer, the house can catch part of the sunlight, so the sunlight will not be suitable for people.

3. Beautiful house

Although it is not important, it affects the image of the whole house. Recently, I found that many customers are distressed that the roof tiles are ready! But multiple complaints about the inappropriate drip eaves!

The following will take you understand the drip eaves:

1. The traditional PVC drip eaves are universal drip eaves for all synthetic resin tiles, suitable for all specifications of synthetic resin tiles! The main advantage is that the shape is good-looking, and the bumps are obviously textured. It is the drip eaves in the shape of all drip eaves. It is suitable for both 1050 and 880 models.

But because its material is different from the resin tile material, there will inevitably be a little color difference. Its material is basically PVC material, do not set fire, it is easy to fade after a long time! The lifespan is 1/3 or even 1/4 of the watt. So it's often late! The tile is still new and the PVC drip eave is discolored or broken. However, because of its low price, it is often used in factories or engineering rooms.

2. Resin simple drip eaves: Simple drip eaves are divided into 1050 types and 880 types, according to the model of the tile choose the simple drip eaves! Simple drip eaves are made of resin-like tiles! So he has the same advantages as tiles! Compared with the traditional PVC drip eaves, it is the same material as the tile, so there is basically no color difference.

Color lasts like new, fire and heat insulation, and longer life. But its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, there is no shape, and the cost is high, so not many people choose him! Since the synthetic resin tile itself will not affect his use even if there is no drip eaves, it leads to people who choose drip eaves, and pay more attention to his beauty! This has led to the embarrassing situation of the simple drip eaves, and those who need him despise its beauty. People who don't need it simply ignore it. Generally applicable to factories, or residential houses.

3. New resin-carved drip eaves: Is a drip eaves that have been improved by gathering all the advantages of drip eaves at present! It has both the appearance of traditional PVC drip eaves and the practicality of simple drip eaves. It is currently the best-selling drip eave! However, due to the high cost, many manufacturers do not have such technology and production machinery. Compared with traditional PVC drip eaves, it is more durable and beautiful!

The same as the tile material, there is no color difference! Compared with the simple drip eaves, he has more aesthetics of its drip eaves! Fire and Insulation! However, due to the particularity of the synthetic resin material, it cannot have a deeper shape like the PVC drip eaves, but its beauty is much better than simple drip eaves. So these drip eaves use all the venues that need drip eaves!

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