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The preferred pvc tile for building a shed in the yard

by:Redwave     2022-10-07

1. The yard needs to gather Qi and finally, it is a little more open. If you have to build a colored steel shed, I suggest building it next to the yard to form a green dragon and a white tiger square to increase the yard's gas gathering capacity. If it is built in the middle, it will cause congestion in the Mingtang. It is either east or west, and the color steel shed cannot be more or less distant from the main house. The shed must have a window. The shed has no windows and doors, like a beast with an open mouth, and it is easy to lose money.

2. It is not good to build a shed before and after the yard, and it is not good for indoor lighting and ventilation, so it is recommended not to build a shed in the yard.

3. The color steel shed cannot be directly facing the house, and the blade will be bad. The above is the editor's arrangement about whether it is good to build a color steel shed in the yard. Everyone should understand it. Before building a colored steel shed, you must be clear and not act recklessly.

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