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The reasons for the different prices of synthetic resin tiles

by:Redwave     2022-10-08

The same is the ASA synthetic resin tile. Why is the strength of the 3mm thick plastic steel tile I bought not as durable as the 2mm plastic steel tile? Is the quality of this synthetic resin tile inherently bad?

With this question, let's first understand what is ASA synthetic resin tile. ASA synthetic resin tile is a new building material developed by using high-tech chemical and chemical technology. It is composed of synthetic resin, filler, stabilizer, colorant, and other raw materials Scientifically formulated. It has many excellent characteristics such as lightweight, high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and flame retardant, sound insulation and heat insulation, and resistance to solar UV ultraviolet radiation. Awnings, awnings, antique buildings, etc.

At present, there are many large and small manufacturers in China, and the quality of the products produced is different. The performance indicators of 'synthetic resin tiles' of different manufacturers and brands are very different. Why is this? It is understood that the market price of synthetic resins generally ranges from several thousand to more than ten thousand yuan per ton, while the price of fillers is only several hundred yuan per ton. In order to reduce product cost, some bad synthetic resin tile manufacturers maliciously reduce the proportion of synthetic resin and increase the proportion of filler in the product manufacturing process, so the price is naturally very cheap.

The quality indicators of the high-filled synthetic resin tiles will decline. It is like the door panel is filled with several layers of paper in the middle in order to save materials. There is no problem on the surface, but the problem will be revealed after a long time. Inferior synthetic resin tiles, due to the addition of a lot of fillers, are thin and have insufficient strength, brittle deformation, and poor weather resistance. Only thicker ones can make up for the problem of poor quality. The illusion of good performance.

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