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The solution to the lack of luster of water droplets at the bottom of the resin tile

by:Redwave     2022-12-29

It is reported that the resin tile itself is dense, impermeable, and water-absorbent, so if the water drops condense on the bottom of the resin tile, water will drip down. The term for the cause of indoor water dripping on this kind of resin tile roof in winter is called the condensation water phenomenon. Next, I will provide you with the following effective solutions to condensation dripping on resin tile roofs:

1. To make an insulation layer on the roof, a waterproof layer can be laid under the resin tile.

2. Increasing indoor ventilation, can be solved by proper exhaust fans. It is ideal to set up ventilation interlayers or steam drainage channels so that the moisture entering the insulation layer has a way out. Particularly suitable for enclosure structures in rooms with high humidity (e.g. textile mills) and for flat roof structures with membrane waterproof roofs.

3. Set up a vapor barrier (air barrier film), and make an overhead layer and an air barrier on the roof, which can better solve the problem of large temperature differences. Resin tile manufacturers believe that the water dripping from the bottom of the resin tile roof is due to the high indoor temperature in winter, low outdoor temperature, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside. A very common phenomenon of physical condensation.

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