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the story of spanish clay roof tiles

by:Redwave     2020-03-02
Terracotta Warriors and clay roofs are probably the oldest historical building materials.
Spanish clay roof is a product of the popular style of ancient Rome;
This roof style is still common in Spain and anywhere in the world affected by Spain, including Morocco, the Philippines, Mexico, most of South America, and of course, the Caribbean, and now the former Spanish colony --
California, California, and Florida.
What is Spanish clay brick?
Sometimes called \"task blocks\", these are mainly terra-
The Cotta roof is usually quarterly-
Circular Tubes, engraved with ridges, are used to drain rain from the roof while allowing them to lock firmly in place with each other.
There is also the so-called barrel tile.
Form a half
The shape of the circle, the tile of the barrel roof is like a half
Circular tube, can be installed in the alternating vertical row of the convex shape (
Outer bend side up)
And recessed placement.
This is another unique type of Spanish roof tiles, but barrel roof tiles are less common than in the fourth quarter
The circular mission style of the glazed tile.
Each area has its own unique roof style, and the Spanish roof style is no exception.
Although Terracotta Warriors roof tiles are common all over the world, the shape of roof materials in these areas is unique.
In Spain\'s 3,000-year history, it has been influenced by a variety of cultures;
The repeated invasion and settlement of Celtic, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Goths from Scandinavia, Berber and Arabs created a unique and vibrant culture,
Spanish clay roof today\'s mission, round and barrel roof tiles are all kinds of kilns-
You can buy fired tiles for your home today.
The only thing to remember is :(A)climate and (B)
Home structure.
If you live in a very cold and harsh area in winter.
You will need to find a specially treated clay FRP roof tile Manufacturer grade to suit these conditions.
In addition, Spanish clay roof tiles are much heavier than similar composite or even cedar roof tiles, and not all houses are built to bear the extra weight.
Finally, it is important to understand that the installation of these exquisite tiles requires a lot of skill and patience.
This is a job that is best left to experienced professionals.
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