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Types and specifications of synthetic resin tiles

by:Redwave     2022-09-26

Now, as more and more people widely use synthetic resin tile, its three-dimensional beauty, toughness and durability, green environmental protection, strong corrosion resistance, and other advantages are deeply rooted in people's hearts. However, there are also many people who do not understand, thinking that there is only one category and one specification for synthetic resin tiles. In fact, synthetic resin tiles also include several products with several specifications, such as types of synthetic resin tiles. Synthetic resin tiles include: European Roman tiles, 1050 type lighting glazed tiles, large round wave tiles, small blue tiles, and antique ASA integrated tiles. and many more.

Specifications of synthetic resin tiles:

The widths of synthetic resin tiles are: 880mm, 1050mm, 1040mm, 920mm, 840mm, 1080mm, etc. The lap joint requires the first wave of two synthetic resin tiles to be connected. Therefore, the effective width of 880mm synthetic resin tiles after overlapping becomes 800mm, and the effective width of 1050mm synthetic resin tiles after overlapping becomes 960mm.

The thickness of the synthetic resin tile is: 2.0mm~3.5mm, and the thickness can be customized according to the customer's use.

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