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types of clay roof tiles | ehow

by:Redwave     2020-02-28
Clay roof tiles are one of the oldest roofing materials dating back hundreds of years.
They are made of natural clay, baked to remove excess moisture, and they may or may not be glazed.
Clay tiles are known for their rich red and high strength and durability.
There are many different styles and designs of clay roofs that can be supplemented with various decorations.
One of the best-
Known types of clay roof tiles are Spanish or mission-style.
This tile has a \"U\" or \"S\" shape, creating a unique interlocking design. Italian-
Style clay brick consists of two parts, Round Top and flat bottom.
The bottom is flat on the roof and the water is kept outside the roof surface using a flange.
The rounded top overlaps with the flange to mimic the look of the task tile.
Flat clay tiles are called Mangalorean or interlocking units.
The clay brick needs a reinforced frame and sheath system to support its increased weight.
They also require an enhanced waterproof film to prevent water from entering the roof structure.
Clay tiles themselves are not necessarily designed to exclude water;
Instead, it protects the bottom layer or membrane from the destruction of sunlight and weather, so that the membrane can capture and reject excess water.
Most of the clay bricks are fixed on wooden strips known as wooden strips, rather than directly on the roof deck.
Flat clay units are usually fixed directly on the deck, similar to wooden tiles.
Clay bricks have aesthetic and functional purposes.
They can be used to complement many buildings of different styles, but also to protect the home from external factors very effectively.
The natural air space under these tiles also helps keep the home cool, even in the warmest climate.
Regardless of the type of clay tiles used, homeowners can expect these tiles to last for decades.
They are attractive and offer a unique look that other materials cannot offer.
A wide range of different designs can be used to enhance Spain-and Italian-
The theme of inspiration, and so on.
Since these tiles are made from natural clay, they are also fully recyclable and highly sustainable.
There are several disadvantages to the clay FRP roof tile Manufacturer.
They are quite expensive and difficult to install compared to many other roofing materials.
Although some peopleit-
Your own homeowner may be able to install flat clay tiles, and the mission and Italian style often require professional installation by contractors with experience in this material.
Roof workers cannot walk without damaging these tiles, which makes installation and repair challenging.
Most types of clay roof tiles are also heavy and may require a reinforced or enhanced roof system to support their weight.
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