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Using high-quality synthetic resin tiles, a typhoon of level 12 strikes, and it cannot be blown away!

by:Redwave     2022-09-09

Recently, a typhoon landed in Guangdong with strong wind and rain, with a wind force of 12, causing serious waterlogging in some areas. What's even more amazing is that the roofs of the self-built houses and factory buildings were overturned by the strong wind, leaving no armor. It was frightening to see, let alone the users of these roofs! It can be seen how important it is to use high-quality synthetic resin tiles. It not only has the advantages of light texture, durable color, strong impact resistance, waterproof, fireproof, super weather resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc., but also in the face of this kind of wind is full of typhoons, and it has excellent resistance to strong winds.

As a new generation of roofing environmental protection building materials, synthetic resin tiles are durable and unmatched by traditional tiles. The design of the slope level is beautiful and elegant, suitable for roof decoration of houses, and also suitable for various garden constructions, which has won the favor of people.

The synthetic resin tile is made of engineering resin ASA, which has ultra-high weather resistance and proper quality. Although the material itself can withstand the attack of bad weather, if you want to give full play to the performance of synthetic resin tiles against strong winds, you need to install them properly, so that it is more difficult to damage and has double protection.

Therefore, choose high-quality synthetic resin tiles, even if a windy typhoon strikes, you can safely hide under the eaves and be protected by it.

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