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What about the minimum order quantity of fiberglass roof panels in Hongbo Building Materials?
Welcome to contact our staff for the answer to this question. The exact MOQ of fiberglass roof panels can be negotiable. The purpose of setting MOQ is to ensure that our production costs are worth and a minimum profit can be made. Our total cost including manufacturing cost, raw materials input, manpower investment, etc., are the contributors to the production of high-quality products. For you, the main advantage is that we can provide you with access to the best price for each unit of products. The more product you order from us, the cheaper the unit price will be.

Guangdong Hongbo Building Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is advanced in fiberglass roof panels technology development and production. Various in styles, Hongbo Building Materials's corrugated plastic roofing sheets suppliers can meet the needs of different customers. A broad range of quality and workmanship inspections for Redwave fiberglass roof panels is required. They mainly check drop stitches, dye marks, bad selvedge, shade variation, lines layout, and so forth. International standards are our principles during the manufacturing. Hongbo Building Materials 's mission is to supply fiberglass roof panels at reasonable prices in addition to strong after sales support and service to achieve high customer satisfaction. Redwave products are widely applied.

We focus on long-term business partnerships with a small number of top-performing suppliers. We expect our suppliers to deliver products that meet our minimum requirements and to be willing to continuously work with us towards improvements.
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