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What are the advantages of synthetic resin tiles when installing and laying?

by:Redwave     2022-11-19

When the synthetic resin tile is laid and installed on the roof, if you want to ensure that the entire tile can achieve a strict connection effect, in the process of roof laying, some places should be paid special attention. Pay attention? Here, the resin tile for everyone:

1. During the installation of synthetic resin tiles, we need to conduct research and reverse selection and installation according to our own local wind direction data. In order to make the tile body more firmly installed on the roof, the development between the two tiles needs to have at least one wave through the horizontal overlap, and in the windy area, two waves need to overlap; -25cm, they need at least 40cm in the windy area; in the overlapping area of the tiles, that is, the part where the purlin is in direct contact, self-tapping screws need to be used for analysis and fixation. It is recommended to use 4 sets of nails per square meter. 6 sets are required.

2. In order to ensure the same waveform as the right ridge tile, synthetic resin tiles must be installed synchronously and symmetrically on the two slopes of the roof.

3. The fixing piece of the ceramic tile can be used with a waterproof pad with screws, and then properly tightened with a wrench. It is also necessary to cover the waterproof cover to prevent the screws from being corroded by moisture and affecting the firmness.

In order to avoid some problems in the use and management of resin tiles, students must first understand the specifications of the installation of resin tiles and the matters that need our attention before safety. Resin tiles have excellent characteristics and then cooperate with the installation of work specifications. Usually, in this case, enterprises can install once and for all.

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