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What are the characteristics of T-shaped resin tiles on the market?

by:Redwave     2023-01-21

In this new era of technological development, whether it is a residential building, an office building, or a rural housing roof, there are generally balconies or platforms with large spaces.

Some people will plant flowers, fruits, trees, or vegetables on the terrace, some people will raise some fish in the pond, or build a pavilion. A good place, the resin tile roof can also play the role of waterproof and heat insulation.

In addition to comparison, synthetic resin tiles also have the advantages of lasting color, lightweight, water resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, wind resistance, snow resistance, ice and snow resistance, pollution resistance, environmental protection, fire prevention, insulation, and easy installation. The production of T-shaped resin tiles in Xinjiang is familiar to everyone with its beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, and strong national elements. Synthetic resin tiles are also widely used in various permanent roof decorations.

For houses, heat insulation and waterproofing are very important, and synthetic resin tiles meet the needs of houses. The resin tile itself is dense, does not absorb water, will not have microporous water seepage, and will not increase the load-bearing capacity of the keel of the house. The resin is light in weight and resistant to heavy loads, so there is no such problem.

Resin tile is a new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving roofing building material, with a thermal conductivity of 0.325w/mk, which is about 1/310 of sticky 100,000, 1/5 of cement, and 1/200 of 0.5mm thick color steel. Therefore, the heat insulation effect of synthetic resin tiles can reach the standard without considering the insulation layer. Therefore, it is very good to use synthetic resin tiles as a roof terrace.

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