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What are the consequences of using inferior resin tiles?

by:Redwave     2023-01-19

With people's progress, the new rural transformation has become popular across the country in the past few years. A large number of transformation projects require a large number of raw materials, which can be said to be a huge business opportunity. Synthetic resin tiles have been designated as special materials for my country's leveling and slope conversion projects, and the products have been widely recognized and used in North China, Northeast China, Southwest China, Central China, and other parts of the country.

It is highly praised and used by governments at all levels and construction enterprises across the country in urban construction, especially the environmental protection and recycled resin tiles that have changed people's aesthetic requirements and broken the system and structure of traditional industries.

Therefore, the resin tile market has set off a wave. Due to many engineering needs, low-priced resin tiles, vicious competition in the market is also very fierce, and inferior resin tiles are produced to compete in the market. Low quality creates low prices, but Such resin tiles will soon have quality problems. For many resin tile projects, the light ones will fade after half a year of use, and the serious ones will break, collapse, bulge, and other inferior roofing projects. The surface of the resin tile is seriously damaged. Discoloration, the tile surface cannot withstand thermal expansion and contraction, which leads to cracking of the tile body. Some inferior resin tiles are made of ABS components, or excessive calcium powder is added, resulting in brittle resin tiles.

It is understood that inferior resin tiles will have various problems after a period of time, but good resin tiles will not have this situation. Good synthetic resin tiles use advanced three-layer co-extrusion technology The surface material of the resin tile is made of ASA engineering resin with high weather resistance. The color is durable and does not easy to fade. It can easily face the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the temperature difference. There will be no breakage or cracking, and the service life is more than ten times that of inferior resin tiles, eliminating the cost of later maintenance.

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