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What are the fatal shortcomings of synthetic resin tiles, how many years can they be used?

by:Redwave     2022-09-03

In the past ten years, synthetic resin tiles have entered thousands of households, from cities to villages, from garden construction to shanty renovation projects, and from carports to self-built houses, there are beautiful figures of synthetic resin tiles everywhere. Synthetic resin tile is so popular in the market, what are its fatal shortcomings, and can it be used for a few years? Let's take a look at it together.

What are the fatal disadvantages of synthetic resin tiles?

1. Not suitable for flat roofs and large-span roofs

Since the design of the synthetic resin tile is curved, if the height of the sloping peak is too low and the roof area is too large, it is easy to accumulate a lot of water, which will cause the roof to leak. Therefore, resin tiles are generally not suitable for use on roofs with roof slopes less than 15 degrees or greater than 80 degrees.

2. Not resistant to high temperature

The main raw material of synthetic resin tiles, PVC resin, is pre-plasticized at a high temperature of about 180 degrees, so the high-temperature resistance of resin tiles will not be too high, and deformation will occur above 70 degrees Celsius, which will affect the aesthetics of the roof. And reduce the roof's defense effect.

3. Thermal expansion and contraction

In fact, this is a natural principle of thermal expansion and contraction. Many items will have this phenomenon, not only resin tiles. In addition to being resistant to high temperature and low temperature, resin tiles will shrink and deform at a temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when using synthetic resin tiles in low-temperature areas, the purlin spacing should be strictly controlled and not too wide.

What is the service life of synthetic resin tiles?

The service life of synthetic resin tiles is mainly related to its raw materials, and as mentioned above, it is also directly related to the use environment. Under normal circumstances, the service life of high-quality synthetic resin tiles can reach more than 30 years. If the quality of the resin tile itself cannot be guaranteed, coupled with the actual environment, fading, deformation, embrittlement and other phenomena will occur in one or two years or even a few months, and it needs to be replaced immediately.

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