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What are the main applications of synthetic resin tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-09-23

The scope of application of synthetic resin tiles is developed by ASA plastics, and at the same time, high-weather-resistant engineering resin materials--new building materials are used. It is not only rich and durable in color, beautiful in appearance and strong in three-dimensional sense, which is in line with the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture, but also has many excellent characteristics such as light weight and toughness, waterproof and fireproof, thermal insulation, green environmental protection, super corrosion resistance and durability. Mainly applicable to: flat to slope projects, villas, new rural construction and so on.

Converting flat to slope resin tile is an important project currently vigorously promoted by the country. If synthetic resin tiles are used for flat-to-slope transformation, the effects of heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof are particularly prominent. In particular, the top-floor residents living in flat-to-slope houses living in houses with resin tiles on the roof will obviously not feel stuffy.

Villa resin tile The synthetic resin tile has rich colors and is not easy to fade. After using its design and shape, the villa roof will be more beautiful and three-dimensional. In addition, it has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which can play the role of heat insulation in hot summer and heat preservation in cold winter.

Before the construction of resin tiles in the new countryside, the roofs of rural areas were generally built with traditional tiles, and the resistance effect was greatly reduced in case of bad weather. In the rapid economic development, resin tiles have been widely used. It is not only green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and recyclable, but also improves the safety of rural houses. Therefore, it is designated as a special material vigorously promoted by the state.

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