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What are the powerful functional advantages of PVC anti-corrosion tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-10-18

PVC anti-corrosion tiles use PVC resin raw materials as the base material and additionally add an appropriate proportion of ultraviolet absorbers, antioxidants, modifiers, etc. so that they can maintain the stability of their mechanical properties when exposed to harsh environments such as corrosion for a long time. To ensure a product life of up to 30 years, what are the powerful functional advantages of PVC anti-corrosion tiles?

1. Strong anti-corrosion and weather resistance
PVC anti-corrosion tile does not chemically react with acid, alkali, salt, etc., and there is no possibility of being corroded during use, so anti-corrosion tile products can keep product performance stable.

2. Load resistance
The PVC anti-corrosion tile adopts advanced co-extrusion technology, which has stronger mechanical and physical properties, and the test shows that the weight is 1500N under the purlin spacing of 0.8m, and the deflection is less than or equal to 3%.

3. Fire resistance
The PVC anti-corrosion tile has been tested by the National Chemical Testing Center, and the fire rating is the national flame retardant B1 level. It is suitable for use in workshops, houses, and other places according to fire safety regulations.

3. Thermal insulation
The thermal insulation effect of PVC anti-corrosion tile is better than that of clay tile and colored steel tile. Without any thermal insulation and cooling facilities, PVC anti-corrosion tile can still achieve the ideal thermal insulation effect.

4. Sound insulation
PVC anti-corrosion tile can effectively reduce noise such as rainstorms and typhoons.

Finally, PVC anti-corrosion tile is light in weight, large in single-piece area, convenient, and fast in transportation and installation.

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