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What details should be paid attention to during the construction of resin tiles?

by:Redwave     2023-01-03

Roof waterproofing is especially important in the construction process. Resin tiles will also waterproof the roof nodes during construction, but what specific aspects should be paid attention to? Next, I will briefly introduce it to you, hoping to help you:

1. For skylights, before installing the resin tiles, you can fix the metal plates on both sides of the skylights and uphill on the roof. On the same day, the resin tiles on the downhill of the window are installed and then cover the metal drainage boards on the resin tiles.

2. The house has a chimney, which cannot be ignored. The chimney and the resin tile meet on all sides, which can divide the water from the front and bend the water. The surface water is that the resin tile is located on the slope of the structure. The flashing plate can be customized according to the size of the site. The lower end is fixed under the waistline of the structure, and the upper end is fixed on the purlin under the resin tile.

3. The more important point for resin tile manufacturers is the drainage treatment around the dormer windows. There must be drainage grooves on both sides above the dormer windows, and the installation and construction are based on the gable water tanks. Chimney flooding method to deal with. 4. The apex of the roof corner gutter water drop and the roof ridge coil lapping the receiving edge should be carefully paved and tightly attached. The compaction should be firm at the end. It meets the design requirements and the technical specifications for roof waterproofing engineering and other relevant regulations. On the roof, the corner coil adds rolls.

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