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What factors are related to the price of synthetic resin tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-11-09

In today's increasingly competitive synthetic resin tile market, when consumers buy products, in addition to quality issues, the price is also an important consideration. At present, the prices of synthetic resin tiles on the market are uneven, some are slightly more expensive, and some are especially cheap. What factors cause such a huge disparity in the price of synthetic resin tiles?

1. Synthetic resin tile thickness factor

The thickness of standard synthetic resin tiles is usually more than 3.0mm. Some manufacturers produce 2.5mm and 2.0mm synthetic resin tiles for low price competition. The raw materials are saved, the price is lower, and the lifespan is discounted.

2. ASA quality influence:

The surface of high-quality synthetic resin tiles is covered with a layer of ASA super weather-resistant engineering resin. Poor-quality ASA fades quickly and has poor anti-aging properties, which reduces the cost of synthetic resin tiles.

3. Raw material ratio

As we all know, synthetic synthetic resin tile is made of PVC polyvinyl chloride plus ASA, and then auxiliary adding stabilizers, plasticizers, and other raw materials. The ratio here is very important. The cost of raw materials is different, the proportion is different, and the price is worlds apart!

4. Water and electricity labor costs

Different regions have different labor costs, which will also increase production costs.

5. PVC resin powder price

There are advantages and disadvantages to the price of polyvinyl chloride resin powder. Some irresponsible manufacturers even use a large number of recycled PVC powder to produce synthetic resin tiles, which will make the price disparity!

To sum up, there are many factors affecting the price of synthetic resin tiles. When purchasing products, you must keep your eyes open. You can use weighing, visual inspection, looking at the scale of the manufacturer, production qualifications, and test reports to buy high-quality products. medium price.

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