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What is the reason for the wide application of antique one-piece tiles in various fields?

by:Redwave     2022-11-21

In recent years, whether it is antique buildings, garden buildings, storefront decoration, private courtyards, etc., antique integrated tiles are used. The decorative effect is very outstanding and has been well-received in various fields. The application range of antique one-piece tiles is getting wider and wider. What is the reason for its wide application in various fields?

1. The simulated retro effect is realistic, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false

2. Many store decorations have special design requirements. The traditional ancient tile is heavy in weight, and the antique one-piece tile is light in texture, which effectively reduces the load-bearing of the house. It is a good choice for repairing ancient buildings and storefront decoration.

3. No need for mortar as auxiliary material, and no need to build walls, it can be installed directly by electric welding an iron frame

4. Antique one-piece tile is light in weight, easy to overlap, saves time and effort

5. ASA resin material, more durable and more environmentally friendly

6. The tile material of the traditional firing process is prone to chromatic aberration and is easily damaged. The antique one-piece tile is sprayed evenly, has almost no color difference, and is strong and durable.

The antique tile adopts advanced technology, the area is large, the printing, the pattern is beautiful, and it is full of Chinese flavor. It is lighter than the traditional fired products. It is a green environmental protection product, beautiful, practical, and durable. A new generation of waterproof building decoration materials.

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