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What kind of tile is the best for the roof?

by:Redwave     2023-01-24

Roof tiles are exposed to the sun and rain every day, so it is very important to choose the type of tiles. They must be beautiful, stable, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and environmentally friendly. What kind of tile is the best for the roof? The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of our commonly used roof tiles.

1. Cement tiles are made by rolling cement mortar. There are three main types of cement tiles: S-shaped tiles, corrugated tiles, and flat tiles. S-shaped tiles have a good three-dimensional sense of waveform, strong bearing capacity, and low threshold, the price is relatively high. This tile has firm lap joints, rich colors, and long service life. The disadvantage is that they are heavy and easily damaged. Most of them are purchased locally, and they are imported from abroad, so it is not easy to distinguish them.

2. Clay tiles are made of clay and calcined at high temperatures. The advantages are long service life, long history, and strong bearing capacity, which is a product representing Chinese cultural characteristics. The disadvantage is that it is heavy, easy to fall off, damaged, and easy to grow moss. The main reason is that the environment is seriously polluted. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, this kind of tile is gradually eliminated.

3. Color steel tiles are made of pressed galvanized steel sheets, and the surface is treated with baking paint. The color steel tiles are light in weight, moderate in price, and relatively firm. The color steel tile has lightweight, has high thermal conductivity, high strength, bending and compression resistance, and bright color. The service life of the anti-corrosion layer of this color steel tile is about 5-10 years. Quick and easy to install. The disadvantage is that the service life is short and it is easy to rot. We need to maintain and renovate frequently.

4. Synthetic resin tile

Resin tiles, also called plastic tiles, are also PVC tiles. Developed using high-tech chemical and chemical technology, they are new building materials in recent years. Resin tiles are widely used in residential quarters, awnings, development zones, villas, farmer's markets, new rural construction, etc.

5. Asbestos tile, asbestos fiber and cement are made of board and then pressurized. Cement is strong in compressive strength but weak in tensile strength, while asbestos is weak in compressive strength but strong in tensile strength, but asbestos fibers can cause cancer when inhaled into the human body.

6. PC transparent tile, also called lighting tile, or sunshine tile, the light transmittance can reach 90%. Lightweight, saving transportation and installation costs.

7. Solar tiles are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. They are suitable for roofing in various places, can generate electricity and store them for backup, and have strong bearing capacity. The country vigorously promotes products. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the maintenance cost is high, and the color is black.

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