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What should I do if the color steel tile roof rusts?

by:Redwave     2022-11-21

Because the material of color steel tile itself contains a large amount of iron, when it is used in the environment of acid, alkali, or organic solvent, a chemical reaction will occur to produce iron dioxide, that is, rust. If the rust is not maintained at the beginning, the roof of the color steel tile will soon rust seriously and then leak.

After the color steel tile roof is rusted, the general treatment method is to apply a layer of water-based anti-rust paint on the rusted area, which can effectively manage and improve the technical efficiency of enterprise construction and reduce the consumption of human resources and material resources of the company. But at the same time, because the color steel tile is made of iron, the adhesion with the paint is not very good. After being washed by rainwater and decomposed by acid-base oxidation, it will not take long for the color steel tile roof to rust again. In the process of development, repeated maintenance is required. In the long run, the maintenance cost is relatively large.

If the rust of the colored steel tile roof is not serious, it is recommended to deal with the rusted part of the roof as soon as possible, which can not only maintain the colored steel tile roof in time but also prolong the service life of the colored steel tile roof. If it is not updated and repaired in time, the corrosion will become more and more serious, and eventually lead to perforation and leakage of the roof, and the maintenance cost will be huge, and it is best to replace it directly.

If most of the color steel tile roofs have rust spots, which are serious, it is recommended to replace the tiles directly. Generally speaking, friends who have used color steel tiles will not choose to replace them. Most of them will choose tiles with ideal anti-corrosion properties, such as PVC anti-corrosion tiles or synthetic resin tiles. The anti-corrosion properties are outstanding, the surface is smooth, dense, non-absorbent, waterproof, and moisture-proof. , It will never rust, and it is also better than color steel tiles in terms of heat insulation and sound insulation. After the replacement, we can clearly feel how obvious the contrast between these two kinds of tiles and color steel tiles is.

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