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What should I do if the resin tile house is very hot in summer?

by:Redwave     2022-11-15

What should I do if the resin tile house is very hot in summer? Many customers report that the house is too hot in summer, but in fact, it is autumn, so it shouldn't be hot, right? However, when winter comes, such houses are particularly cold. For houses with hot summer and cold winter, we can take measures according to the actual situation.

1. If it is a resin tile house that is sun-dried in the west, the indoor temperature will increase a lot, so the house that is sun-dried in the west is hotter in summer, and in winter, the house that is sun-dried in the west is easy to introduce the cold northwest wind into the room. Therefore, for houses that are sun-dried in the west, it is important to do a good job of thermal insulation of the windows. The solution can be to choose double-layer insulating glass windows, or multi-layer glass windows, and then install thick curtains.

2. If it is a residence with a resin tile roof, the thermal insulation of the resin tile roof is even more important. We can raise the insulation board in the resin tile roof, which has a good effect on preventing the indoor temperature from being too high in summer, and also plays a role in indoor thermal insulation in winter.

In addition, the top floor of the resin tile also needs to pay attention to the problem of waterproofing, because the waterproofing is not done well, and it will also cause the failure of the insulation layer.

Some units are hot in summer and cold in winter due to poor orientation. There is no better way for this kind of resin tile house. Some measures can be taken in decoration, such as choosing bright colors as much as possible and avoiding too much furniture. It is also possible to install lamps with variable light colors, using cold light sources in summer and warm light sources in winter.

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