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Which is more cost-effective, color steel tile or resin tile?

by:Redwave     2022-10-19

Color steel tile and resin tile are the two most common roof materials in daily life. Do people often ask which is more cost-effective, color steel tile or resin tile? Why do resin tiles gradually replace colored steel tiles? Let's take a look today.

1. Durable and durable
The general color steel tile service life is 10-15 years. Star Bricklayer synthetic resin tile is guaranteed for 30 years, and the actual service life is up to 50 years.

2. Transportation and installation
Color steel tile has good mechanical performance, a large span, and convenient installation, construction, and transportation.
Compared with color steel tiles, resin tiles are lighter in weight, larger in strength and span, and more convenient for installation, construction, and transportation.

3. Whether thermal insulation
The color steel tile is not insulated, the temperature in the house is very low in winter, and the temperature in the house is very high in summer. Moreover, in winter, the surface of the colored steel tile is prone to condensation, that is, small water droplets, which can easily cause rust on the color steel tile and shorten the service life. Compared with the color steel tile, the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of the resin tile are more prominent, and the effect is good.

4. Is it beautiful and bulky
Resin tiles are antique in shape and look beautiful on the outside. And it is lighter in weight, reducing the load-bearing pressure of the beam.

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