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Why are resin tiles for roofing building materials being advocated everywhere now?

by:Redwave     2022-10-09

Today, the times are developing rapidly, and high-rise buildings abound. People are living in elevator apartments, which is an important change in economic development. But with the development of the times, house prices are getting higher and higher. Some people advocate the use of synthetic resin tiles on the roofs of residential buildings across the country because the current housing prices are not the same as housing development and supply and demand. It is increasingly important to improve the quality of life where people live in their hearts. Gone are the days of building a home without worrying about selling. It is in housing and other civil construction where extensive construction methods are no longer sustainable.

In the past, due to relatively backward construction methods, problems such as short service life, many quality problems, difficult maintenance and transformation, and large resource consumption were caused. With the acceleration of my country's urbanization process and the adjustment of industrial structure, the proportion of housing will continue to increase. This extensive approach has been unable to adapt to the trend of the times. Resin tile is a roofing building material with excellent performance, which is in line with the current sustainable development trend

This is one of the reasons why first-class housing renovations are being carried out across the country, and resin tiles are strongly advocated. Next, I want to tell you the second reason: there are many high-rise buildings in cities. High-rise buildings and super high-rise buildings are common in big cities, with a high floor area ratio and high development intensity. How should these houses be retrofitted in 50 and 60 years based on the current lifespan of roofing materials? Over the past few years, China has seen many large-scale demolition and construction. The average lifespan of a city building is now only 30 years. Some houses were demolished before they were even completed.

GDP growth appears to be accelerating. In fact, there is a lot of waste of resources and energy. Synthetic resin tile is a green and recyclable product. Therefore, the use of synthetic resin tiles as roof building materials can achieve energy savings and emission reduction to a large extent. At the same time, the synthetic resin tile is rich in color, durable, beautiful in appearance and strong in a three-dimensional sense, which is in line with the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture. The invention also has the advantages of load resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation, stable volume, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, impact resistance, low-temperature resistance, lightweight, non-combustibility, convenient installation and the like. It has a long service life, avoids the trouble of maintenance during the use of the house, and meets the requirements of current living and living.

The use of synthetic resin tiles is very effective in the transformation of rural areas in my country. These characteristics of resin tiles fit our aesthetic perfectly. Using synthetic resin tiles, it is necessary to establish a new housing, new product, a new standard system and a century-old housing construction system that is guided by scientific and technological progress, technological innovation as a means, and a strict quality standard system as an assessment indicator. It is a demonstration of promoting the upgrading of housing quality and driving the transformation and upgrading of development enterprises, as well as a demonstration of promoting resource conservation, environmental protection and circular development in the real estate industry, providing consumers with a good example of longevity and good performance. Green and low-carbon housing will be used in roof building materials. It will play a greater role in the consumption of synthetic resin tiles and in promoting the industrialization of housing. For the industry, it is the goal of transformation and upgrading to build long-lived, good-performance, green, low-carbon and popular resin tile products.

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