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Why choose resin tiles in earthquake-prone areas?

by:Redwave     2022-11-10

The 5.12 earthquake is still fresh in people's memory. After many years, a strong earthquake occurred in Sichuan again, causing heavy casualties. Human beings are very vulnerable in the face of nature. In fact, sudden natural disasters like earthquakes leave very little time for people to escape. The houses that usually shelter us from wind and rain may become deadly killers at this time. Therefore, when building a house, it is necessary to consider the seismic performance of the building, and the walls and roof tiles are the top priority.

We all know that traditional earth tiles are stacked in small pieces on the roof. When an earthquake comes, it is easy to fall off with a little vibration. If the magnitude of the earthquake is strong, the falling tiles will cause very serious damage to people or objects. s damage. In our country's rural areas, there are still quite a few people who build this kind of tile. In addition, glazed tiles are more common, and glazed tiles are also made of clay. When an earthquake comes, the house shakes, and the glazed tiles are easily broken, and the consequences of hitting people with sharp corners are unimaginable.

Therefore, when purchasing roof tiles, on the one hand, the strength of the tile should be considered, and on the other hand, its flexural and tensile strength should be considered more important, and whether it is firm after installation to withstand different service environments, Various adverse effects of different media on materials. The new resin tile has both these advantages, so after the 5.12 earthquake, many houses were covered with resin tiles.

The resin tile has strength and certain toughness and tensile force. It is installed on the purlin with self-tapping screws, which are firm and do not fall off. The tile body is light, and the damage can be reduced even if it collapses. When an earthquake occurs, it will cause huge damage in an instant, so consumers should pay more attention to the seismic performance of the house when building a house. We need to live comfortably, on the one hand, if the house we live in can withstand earthquakes for one more minute in disasters such as earthquakes, it is likely to save our lives.

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