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Why is the usage rate of blue-gray resin tiles higher?

by:Redwave     2023-01-16

Many customers will ask about the color of resin tiles when purchasing resin tiles. We generally recommend blue-gray resin tiles. Why? After reading the following content, you can understand why it has the highest usage rate. Long-lasting, more durable color: Compared with bright colors such as bright red and sky blue resin tiles, blue-gray may appear more common and less noticeable. However, because the blue-gray is closer to the color of dust and high-rise buildings, the blue-gray resin tiles installed on the roof will be more resistant to aging.

The brightly colored tiles are covered with dust, which is immediately noticeable, while the gray-green ones are less so.

In addition, because the gray resin tile is closer to the true color of the tile, the shelf life of the gray resin tile is longer than that of bright red and sky blue resin tiles, and it is not easy to fade. Moderate color, a wide range of uses: perhaps because the color of the green-gray resin tile is relatively moderate, not obtrusive, we can use it in the government's leveling and slope conversion projects, new rural construction, plant reconstruction, as small as the replacement of old house tiles, old house decoration, road Green-gray resin tiles can be seen in side paving and other aspects. Comply with the mentality of the crowd and follow the trend: the reason why the green-gray resin tile is so popular is inseparable from everyone's pursuit. Now people have such a mentality that when they see other people's homes are good, they will want to buy them.

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