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Why is there such a huge difference in the quality of synthetic resin tiles?

by:Redwave     2022-09-11

With the advancement of the flat-to-slope project and the construction of new rural areas, the state strongly advocates the use of synthetic resin tiles as sloping roofs. Therefore, the beautiful figure of synthetic resin tile can be seen everywhere. Now, the market demand for synthetic resin tiles is increasing, which has led to many unscrupulous manufacturers cutting corners and changing concepts in pursuit of profits, which has seriously affected the quality of synthetic resin tiles, from high-quality tiles with a service life of up to 30 years. The poor-quality tiles that can be used for just a few years or even a few months are really plummeting! Why is there such a huge difference in quality?

High-quality synthetic resin tile is durable. Synthetic resin tile is a new type of building material developed by using high-tech chemical and chemical technology. It is mainly composed of three major raw materials. The first is ASA engineering resin powder, which is the basis of reinforced plastics and plays a decisive role in the quality of synthetic resin tiles. The second is calcium carbonate powder, and the third is auxiliary components such as tougheners, both of which are mainly auxiliary. Each material is added in strict accordance with the proportion and precision, and the quality is very well controlled.

Inferior synthetic resin tiles with recycled materials are vulnerable. In the market, ASA engineering resin powder is basically about 7-8,000 yuan per ton, while recycled material is only about 2,000 yuan per ton. The price difference is so large that the quality difference can be imagined. Because of this, many unscrupulous manufacturers have the opportunity to use recycled materials and fillers to reduce costs and earn more benefits. Inferior tiles use very little ASA engineering resin powder as the main material, adding a large amount of calcium carbonate powder, and the worst manufacturers also add recycled materials and fillers, which greatly reduces the quality and toughness of resin tiles. Without toughness, synthetic resin tiles are easily deformed, aged, and broken. Losing properties such as weather resistance and corrosion resistance, synthetic resin tiles can't stand hot high-temperature weather and cold low-temperature weather at all, and even a series of problems will occur in the wind and rain.

There is another point about the inferior synthetic resin tile cutting corners. The material of the inferior tile is only two to three layers. The bottom layer is made of new material, but the middle layer is made of gray recycled material so that you can't see the flaws. The high-quality tile is composed of four layers of materials, each layer has its specific function, and the four layers play their respective roles. The better the weather resistance, the longer the service life.

In summary, the reasons for the great difference in the quality of synthetic resin tiles are clear at a glance. The high-quality tiles with real materials have a service life of up to 30 years and are durable; while the poor-quality tiles have a service life of only a few years and are vulnerable. Therefore, when purchasing, we must pay attention to quality, not price, and do not cause greater losses for the sake of temporary cheapness. There is a saying that goes well: 'You get what you get for every penny.'

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