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why roof tile is the superior roofing product

by:Redwave     2020-03-01
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What do you think when you hear this sentence?
Picturesque Greek coastline, quiet Tuscan villa overlooking gentle hills, French castle at the foothills of the Pyrenees, Spanish estate on the Iberian Peninsula, Mexican sunshine-
Roast resort, a Scottish village shrouded in mist, or perhaps a Chinese city where time seems to have stopped?
From China and Europe to Central and South America, what all these beautiful areas have in common is that they know the quality of the roof tiles.
So why do you see so few tiles in the US? S. ?
I believe this is fear.
Architects and designers are concerned about the need for additional design and structural support for roof tiles.
Roof contractors are concerned about the possibility of overestimating or undervaluing the demand for roof tiles and are not technically good at properly installing roof tiles.
All of these concerns can lead to more fees for architects, designers and contractors when using roof tiles.
This leads to our fear of builders. tile\'s expense.
Roof tiles are more expensive to use than the most common roof products in the United StatesS.
Asphalt Tile?
Yes, the initial cost is more expensive, but keep in mind that as the most redeemable quality of tile will soon eliminate the extra cost.
The first quality of the FRP roof tile Manufacturer starts to offset its cost is its energy efficiency.
Tiles are usually installed on what is called a \"floating system.
Each tile is fixed on a wooden strip or other material that lifts the roof tiles from the roof deck.
This means that the tiles do not touch the roof deck at all, which creates additional space between the tiles and the deck.
The air space separates the roof deck from the interior of the structure, from 55% to 75% of the solar radiation heat.
The same effect makes the double glass window very effective and keeps our coffee warm in the thermos cup.
An interesting experiment to see this one is to put your next cup of coffee in a regular cup.
The coffee simulates the radiant heat of the sun, and the glass directly simulates the deck where the asphalt tile is applied.
Because the radiation heat of the glass and the coffee is directly in contact, the heat is directly distributed through the glass, ouch!
Now pour the coffee into a nice thermos cup and pick it up, the purple Lily, the hands without burns.
Just like the air space in the thermos prevents the radiant heat of the coffee from burning your hand, the air space under the tile prevents the radiant heat of the sun from heating your interior.
For HVAC, a cool interior means less work, which means saving energy consumption.
The next quality of the roof tiles that offset its costs is toughness.
The tiles are strong.
Water does not penetrate it.
The wind is hard to damage it because some roof tiles have winds of 150 miles or more per hour.
The freezing temperature does not affect it.
The tiles don\'t burn.
Most hail will hit the surface of the roof tile.
All of this together can mean significant savings in insurance premiums.
Take a look at online photos of wildfire areas that destroyed homes in Texas, California and other Western states.
You can often find a house or two in the place where the fire happened.
There are usually tiles on it.
The area hit by the big hail is mainly the asphalt tile roof structure, all of which must be replaced with the exception of a few houses with glazed tiles, at the expense of the owner and the insurance company.
Usually they only cause surface damage.
The tiles made today have levels 3 and 4 to prevent hail.
Insurance companies will discount insurance premiums for the use of these hail-resistant and fire-resistant roof tiles.
Saving more money on insurance every month means you have more money to buy better things.
The last quality of the roof tile that offset its cost is its life span.
The tiles are simple and long lasting.
There is a house/bar built in 1260 in the UK with the original tile roof still on it.
The roof of Sistine church has been the same tile since 300.
The tile will exceed the structure it is in.
Both of the above structures have been rebuilt to some extent during this time, but in each case the tiled roof is reused.
Tiles are the lowest cost of life in all roof materials today.
Any roof contractor will tell you that the ordinary asphalt wooden tile must be replaced about every 10 years.
This means that it is a temporary roof cover, not a roof.
This also means that the initial savings in replacing tiles with asphalt tiles are also temporary.
The money you save today, you will pay in 10 years and then again in 10 years.
Buying a real roof at a time makes more money, doesn\'t it?
Of course, there are other qualities worth mentioning in the roof tiles.
The range of colors to choose from, the different profiles to choose from, and a variety of design options are the advantages of tiles.
manufacturers today offer all these things and so on, but one of the real qualities that people first notice is the beauty of the roof.
The curb appeal of the roof tile is automatic.
How many of us use roof tiles as a navigation point?
\"All you have to do is go through the beautiful red roof house.
\"While this aesthetic quality will not put money in your pocket right away, you can see your return on investment if you have to move or sell your property.
Any realtor will tell you that the tile is more value-keeping than any other type of tile.
This means that more money can be recovered using roof tiles than using any other type of roof material. . . if you sell.
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