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Why should synthetic resin tiles be made of new materials?

by:Redwave     2023-01-02

Resin tiles are divided into raw materials and recycled materials, but generally, everyone will choose synthetic resin tiles made of raw materials. Why? Next, let's take a look at the synthetic resin tile manufacturers:

The original is a resin anti-corrosion tile made of new resin materials, while the regeneration is mainly made of waste plastic-steel doors and windows, pipes, plates, etc. after being crushed and milled as raw materials to make resin anti-corrosion tiles. The resin anticorrosion tile made of new materials has distinct layers, and the outer surface is bright and textured. In particular, the toughness has been greatly improved compared with the recycled resin anticorrosion tile.

It is more applicable to the severe cold areas in Northeast China, and some regenerated resin anticorrosion tiles are very prone to brittle cracks when used in severe cold areas in Northeast China, such as Inner Mongolia, Yichun, and Mohe. In terms of aging resistance, the resin anti-corrosion tile made of new materials is also better than the recycled resin anti-corrosion tile.

Because recycled materials are generally plasticized and used repeatedly, the performance of the product has been greatly attenuated before it is used. In terms of product qualification rate, due to the insistence on using new materials, the stability of resin anti-corrosion tile products is higher, and the quality of each batch of products is relatively uniform.

However, because the recycled resin anticorrosion tile cannot guarantee whether the quality of the recycled raw materials in each batch of production is uniform, the quality of products produced in different batches varies greatly, and what is more, the products produced in the same batch also have large quality differences.

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