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Will the resin tile fade in the rainy season?

by:Redwave     2022-12-28

As long as you observe carefully, synthetic resin tiles are very common in our lives. Everyone knows that it will rain every day during the rainy season. Some customers will ask, will rain cause discoloration of synthetic resin tiles?

Synthetic resin tiles have conquered the hearts of architectural designers and ordinary people in various fields with their beautiful appearance and bright colors. Today's self-built houses, villas, factories, residential real estate, resorts, farms and other roofs can be seen everywhere. The cool figure of the resin tile.

As a building, synthetic resin tiles can not only play a protective role but also have an aesthetic effect to enhance the beauty of the building. It is also anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and high-pressure resistant. It can also maintain bright colors when used, and it will not fade easily.

Synthetic resin tiles are made of high-quality PVC raw materials, scientifically proportioned and refined using high-tech. The surface layer is super weather-resistant ASA resin, which has excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance in nature and can resist ultraviolet rays, acid and alkali corrosion. In humidity, cold and other harsh climates, the synthetic resin tile has a 30-year warranty and a 10-year color warranty. Even if it fades, it is a slightly gradual process and there will be no signs of mottled.

Synthetic resin tiles have high tensile strength, and strong flexibility, are lightweight, convenient for transportation and installation, have good waterproof and leakproof effects, and can effectively prevent storms from being used on building roofs. The single-piece area is large, and waterproof fixing accessories are used, waterproof It has an excellent anti-seepage effect, long service life, and no maintenance for life, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional tiles such as cumbersome installation, easy loosening, easy bursting, and easy leakage. Synthetic resin tiles integrate waterproofing, heat insulation, and decorative functions. It is a modern high-end It is an ideal roofing tile for Chinese architecture.

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